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Monday, November 8, 2010

Week One Wrap-Up

Here's my chart of progress for Week One. I started out fairly strong (except for Tuesday), kicked my word count down the stairs on Thursday, and somehow managed to write eighteen hundred words on Saturday before going off to gaming. I didn't mind much slacking off Sunday. Between staying up late Saturday, sleeping in Sunday morning, and the change back to Standard Time (my study wall clock is still confused -- or is that me who's confused?), I was not my writing self Sunday. But even with a poor showing Sunday, I'm still ahead of the target for Monday (13336). And I plan to have at least two silver- or gold-star days this week.  And something weird has happened to the font in this post.  I tried to fix it ... hope it doesn't attack your eyes too much.

Day Goal My Total Words Today
1 1667 2648 2648 *
2 3334 3928 1278
3 5001 6118 2192
4 6668 9871 3753**
5 8335 10911 1040
6 10002 12786 1875
7 11669 13436 650

* Silver Star! ** Gold Star!!

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