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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dasher Poetry

There's a program called Dasher - it's a different sort of predictive text entry. Dasher doesn't use a keyboard for its entry - the user steers the entry bar toward the letters she wants to 'type'.

I tried Dasher a few months ago and didn't really give it a fair shake. It's not something I would use to replace my normal typing, but it's fun for me to play with. I discovered that Dasher, with its odd letter flowing functionality, provides me with a way to tap into some other part of my creative mind. I wrote a couple of bits of what I'm calling poetry in Dasher last night:

One day I met a man who was stuck in the world. Faster than light, he was caught between the sun and the moon. I asked him for advice and he told me, "There are things that will find you, when you are free."

This is a plain glass bowl, its contents utterly mundane. It means you no harm. It was made in a factory by an unfeeling machine which knows no way to to like or dislike you. So please relax and go about your business.

I cleaned these up just a smidge; my skill with Dasher is improving, but I had to correct a couple spacing errors. I'm pleased and amazed at what my brain spills out when I use Dasher. I might make a Dasher break a part of my day from now on.

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