Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. -- Gene Fowler

Friday, June 4, 2010

Editing and the Rambling Process -- er, check that: reverse it.

So I'm working on editing an article for Johnn Four's Roleplaying Tips Newsletter. I meant to send it in on Wednesday, but it's due today. My process goes something like this: I print out the article, grab up my red pen, and go to town. Comma splices, repetition, a plethora of em-dashes fall beneath my nib. Then I update the computer copy and print it out again. I look it over. I find x - 0.5x things to red ink, where x is the number of things I found on the first go. I update again and print again. I find x - 0.5x things to red ink again.

I've done this about five times. I thought I had the final copy last night, but I sat on the couch, red pen in hand (because it generally is when I'm editing) and found more inkables. In case my algebra is just that horrible after all these years, I'm meaning to indicate that each time I'm getting a somewhat smaller number of things to red ink. But still, it seems as if this will never be finished.

But I'm submitting it today. This morning. Probably in under an hour, once I look it over One More Time. Sigh.

It's not to say this is a horridly-written article, by any means. It needed some filing and sanding and now I think I'm polishing it. Why I'm using carpentry metaphors I don't know -- I messed up while making a box in wood shop in seventh grade. Carpentry is not my thing. But there's a parallel, at least in the process.

Forgive my rambling -- I seem to have failed to properly budget my energy supply for the week and I'm running a bit low. These sorts of posts happen at those times. But half an hour ago I was plinking around on the internet and despairing I wouldn't have anything to write for this blog today. So chalk up a success on that front.

My weekend, starting today, will be busy and full of stuff. I hope I can go the distance... *thud* Have a great and creative weekend!

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  1. LOL.

    Editing myself is tough. I don't know though if any of my writing is good, but I have two crazy doggies, and maybe i should write about them...i just never thought about that before.