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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Unknown Thoughts of the Education Transportation Monster

The Education Monster is coming!
It looks as if school's on a delay today; it's just about nine and I see the kids and the Day-Glo green pinney of the crossing guard at the corner. Two or three kids stand close together, as if in conference about something. And then the big yellow bus creeps into view, coming to a stop in front of the gaggle of kids. When it pulls away, they're gone, consumed by the education transportation monster. Don't worry though: by the end of the day that monster will have decided it's had quite enough of kids and will put them back where it found them, just in time for the weekend. Even monsters need a break.

Other than that somewhat whimsical bit, I've precious little in mind to write about today. I've had a busy, mostly happy week, and I'm looking forward to a happy weekend as well.

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