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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Month, Lots of Opportunities

I'm having a hard time coming up with a topic for today. I have a lot of tasks to accomplish this week and the fact my mail/calendar suite keeps crashing is not helping me stay focused, as I instinctively try to chase down the errors and look a bug reports and figure it out, even though I know I ought to just leave it for now and get to my work.

Sigh. I am easily distracted, and computer issues are itches I can't resist scratching.

It's June already. When did that happen? It was just the beginning of May last time I looked... well, June is full of writing things for me. There are two contests/calls for content with June deadlines, a Writers' Cafe held by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, and that same group's monthly meeting. I don't know that I'll participate in all those things, but it certainly makes my calendar seem full. And it's irritating when my calendar program crashes as I'm trying to add things to it.

I also have an edited article to submit this week. I need to take another look at it before I send it off. And speaking of editing, my manuscript is still awaiting my attention. Eeegh. What a mountain that is.

For those interested, Toasted Cheese has its Midsummer Tale contest, whose deadline is, handily enough, June 21st. Winners are published in the literary magazine and receive Amazon gift certificates for $20, $15, and $10.

The Qarrtsiluni online literary magazine is calling for submissions about "The Crowd". Pieces can be up to 1000 words or up to five poems, or photos, videos, or digitzed artwork. This isn't a contest, but a general request for material. Deadline for this one is June 30.

Oh yeah, and Associated Content. It's been far too long since I submitted to them. Time to get on the ball and get writing! Has anyone seen my energy? Did Ioan it out to one of you guys? No? Rats.

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  1. Good luck with everything! Let me know if you find any of that energy!