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Monday, May 24, 2010

That Old Beast, Time Management

Lately my life's been getting a little hectic - I have a lot of projects and life keeps handing me new ones. Prioritising isn't a problem, but scheduling is. I have to find a way to squeeze all my tasks into the day and still have time to eat and sleep. And play. Maybe a bit too much emphasis on that sometimes, heh.

This morning I'd planned to set up the old laptop I'm refitting for a friend and get it started on repartitioning, then let that run and sit down to work on e-mail and writing for a bit. Unfortunately the laptop refuses to properly boot the CD with the partitioner on it, and several attempts to remedy this have left me frustrated, and the laptop still in need of partitioning. The important e-mail has been sent, and I'm here writing, so I'm doing a half-decent job of keeping myself on track despite the antics of the laptop and the CD. I have another plan to solve the computer problem. Fingers crossed.

My emotions tend to steer my actions a lot of the time, and that's not usually a good thing. This unexpected setback first thing in the morning, for example, could derail my whole morning if I let it. Today I have too much to do that's important to let that happen.

Ah, success! My solution worked, so now I can let the partitioner run merrily all day if it wants to. There's one checkmark I can put in the box. I like putting checkmarks in boxes. At the end of the day I take a mental tally of how many boxes got checked, and hope I can feel accomplished for what I've done.

Another of my self-appointed tasks is the writeup of my Dresden Files character's notes. I've created a Blogger blog for the full text to live on, but I'm hoping to toss excerpts up on here. I'm also contemplating working through them right here on the blog, to show the process. As I've mentioned before, I'm writing the Dresden stuff in first person, which is a form I don't usually use. It feels odd for the narrator to be describing the setting details, for example. So I invite you to offer critiques on the bits, and cruise on over to the full version when it becomes available, which will, I sincerely hope, be this week.

And now, off to other things. I have a heap of work to do for my business client and it's gotta be done by month's end. Oh, click on the image of the frazzled woman for a neat but unrelated article on Salon.com.

Footnote: Eheh, I seem to have b0rked the primary partition on the laptop, prompting a reinstall of Windows. Well, now I'll find out if there's proprietary drivers that will go missing... *headdesk* I think I'll detail that particular ... event ... on my Linux blog.

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