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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Role-playing Meets Writing

Monday night I started writing some things for our Dresden Files RPG sessions. In the past I've written journals for characters I've played in role-playing sessions, a habit which made me the group's official-unofficial historian as well as timekeeper - I used to keep close track of the in-game calendar in our Forgotten Realms campaign. With my Dresden character I thought I'd take a different tack. This fellow doesn't seem like the type to keep a written journal for some reason. He's more impetuous, lives more in the moment than other characters I've played. So I thought I would take a stab at writing about his adventures in first person narrative. Firstly, I don't normally write in first person. It'll be an experiment, a way for me to stretch my writing muscles, so to speak. And secondly, the Dresden novels are written in first person. I don't plan on mimicking Jim Butcher's style, but this is a Dresden RPG, so why not?

Writing about my character's exploits lets me explore his motivations and ponder his future actions as well as getting writing done. Two birds, one stone. I like it. I don't know where the resultant writing will wind up, ultimately - it may find its way onto a blog of its own. Excerpts will probably land on here from time to time. I'd stick a bit up now, except I've just remembered I wrote it on the other computer and can't access it from here. I'll get organised and share it with you later on.

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