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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video Thursday: You Are Awesome

This morning before breakfast I prepared some watercolour paints and got ready to do a few sketches of the kids at the bus stop nearby. But it was April Fool's on this artist: it must be an in-service day, because there were no buses and no kids. Well, it's watercolour: it'll dry and I can reconstitute it later.

I've had kind of a mixed week this week. Apologies for missing Tuesday. As today is Video Thursday, I want to share with you another of willowing's videos, primarily because it focuses on how awesome we all are, which is the kind of message I need after the last two weeks of the last two weeks. Yes.

Note before you click: there is an instance of the f-word spoken in this vid that, while uttered with joyful exuberance, may be something you want to be aware of, depending on where and how you're viewing the video.

I think my favourite bit is at 2:11 when she describes why we're all awesome. The goofy background music is wonderful as well (three cheers for Kevin Mcleod!)

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