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Monday, March 22, 2010

Recycle, reuse, refill

It's recently come to my attention that Zebra makes a refillable gel pen. Several of them, in fact. The Sarasa pen, which sells for a buck or so a pen and looks very much like any other disposable gel pen on the market, is said to be refillable with Zebra's JF-Refill. Zebra also makes the G-301 model, a sleeker, steel-bodied pen. Zebra's JK-Refill is said to fit it. I say 'is said' because I've yet to try refilling either pen.

Some online retailers are claiming the Sarasa is non-refillable. Well, it is if you're not willing to pay shipping that's more than the cost of your refill order.

If there were a greater consumer demand for these items, I think they would become more available. But first some poor slobs, some poor pen freaks, people like me, have to spend $4, $5, $6 on shipping for a bunch of refills, when it would be far more economical, money-wise, to just toss the empty barrels and buy a new pack of pens.

Come on, people/manufacturers/retailers! Give us the option, the affordable option, to refill our cheap little pens instead of piling them up in landfills!

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