Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. -- Gene Fowler

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Considering Writing Contests

Today is the deadline for entries to Montgomery County Community College's Writers' Club's Fiction and Poetry Contest to be postmarked. With the better part of my week having gone through the washing machine on the OMG MAKE IT STOP setting, I'd kind of let this slide. I had considered entering a poem I once shared on LiveJournal, a silly little toss-off piece about an experience I had at a K-Mart. I just looked it over and I can't decide on a title. I could call it simply 'K-Mart', but that seems too easy. If I don't get the poem out today, I can drop it off in person at Pat Nestler's office before the 10th of March. If you're an MCCC alum or community resident (not sure what the requirements are for that, exactly), the details of the contest are here. Prizes range from $100 to $25, along with the accolades of having a contest-winning piece!

My sinuses are beating on me with a big smushy hammer this morning. When I woke up I had energy and wherewhithal to get some stuff done, but now I'm just kinda tired. I got laundry in the washer, so that's something. Might be a good day to go out to Dick Blick and use my 20% off coupon to get something fun.

I have a short story idea that's been idling for almost two months. I came up with another one last night. And so I'm faced with that problem I mention rather frequently here, that of starting, of facing the blank page, of making that first mark. It's hard on a good day. It's far harder in my current condition. I'm sitting here, warm, with a belly full of cereal and tea and chocolate-covered graham crackers, as well as a head slowly filling up with goo, typing more or less in a stream-of-consciousness form as I mentally wobble about. What I'd like to do is go lie down, have a nap. Except I don't nap. Hm. I'm reminded of a line written by an online writer friend about a character who was deeply and profundly tired: "The ground seemed closer than it should be ..." Gravity sure seems stronger today.

On the subject of contests, I've been thinking about looking into some. I've not done a lot of prowling about on the web for information on them, but I've bumped into some writer blogs and the like which gather such information. I'll put them up on my blog list or links this coming week.

I hear company in the next room, so I'm gonna cut this short. In my neck of the woods, springlike temperatures are advancing this weekend, and I'm going to try to get out and enjoy them. If your weather is similar, I hope you'll do the same. And if not, enjoy your local weather. There's inspiration in everything, even - some might say especially - in things we don't like.

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